MIKE | The Founder

This is one of those “I wish I had it when I first started” stories. I was stuck, overwhelmed, and confused when it came to running & growing my online coaching business. I was working FOR my business, doing way too much, and stuck in the relentless grind so many coaches experience…

…all the small details consumed more and more of my time + energy and made me start resenting something I once loved.

I created Freedom Builderz as the solution to my problem - and we’ve helped more than 100+ coaches since that day.

It’s my mission to help coaches build-out, design, and automate all aspects of their online business & coaching programs. My goal is to show them how they can courageously deliver their genius to impact people around the globe through an optimized online business.

Your success is my number one priority. I’m dedicated to supporting you personally and professionally so you can make more money online and live a life of freedom.

In a past life I was a Success Coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I bring this background to Freedom Builderz by coaching and championing my clients to rise to their full power and potential.

Sheyenne Carreon

The Lead Web Designer

See this beautiful website (*and all of these one’s here too)? They’re the babies of the insanely talented, Sheyenne - an expert web designer who leads all of our web projects.

Simple, seamless, elegant, and professional designs - that’s Sheyenne’s philosophy. It’s the reason our coaches are able to be positioned and perceived as the industry-leading coaches they are.

Glaiza Dimanarig

Operations Manager

The glue that keeps everything together and ensures the whole ecosystem is running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively - Glaiza works closely with coaches to ensure they are supported every step of the way!

Brian Mendes

Head of Videography

See this, this, and this - that’s the magic that Brian Mendes creates. Any video content you see from our coaches comes directly from Brian.

Whether you need to film or edit your content for your course, Brian makes sure it happens.

Nico Maier

The Wizard of Words

Nico is the architect behind every single word written for every single custom buildout.

Your message will be simple, accurate, compelling & perfect for your ideal audience under Nico's guidance.

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