Heather Nickel

Heather is an integrative Life Coach who’s program Sober Effect RX helps her clients reevaluate their relationship with alcohol by either overcoming their dependency or motorating!

We helped Heather get her ideas organized, design and build out her online program, including her amazing website.

Heather’s mission has helped her clients make a powerful change in their life and now she has a platform she can deliver it from while still having the freedom for her own self-care.

Slides Design

Web Design

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“Before I met Mike I was all over the place when it came to building my online course. I was googling, I was trying to figure it out on my own, I was completely lost so Hallelujah when I found him because he helped me bring my baby to life!

Him and his team are amazing and they made the process easy. I went from scared, anxious, and not knowing what to do, to feeling supported and getting my program out there!”

  - Heather Nickel

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