5 Things Every Landing Page Must Have in Order To Convert Higher

Jul 23, 2022


The average landing page conversion rate across all industries is just 9.7%. The average time someone spends on a landing page is just 52 seconds depending on whether you’re B2B or B2C and the kind of industry you’re in…


…for most brick-and-mortar gyms, it is 44 seconds
…for most nutrition & health products, it is 38 seconds
…for most apparel & supplement products, it is 40 seconds

…and for most health & fitness coaches, it is a measly 35 seconds


People’s time is their most valuable resource. Their attention is your most valuable resource. And if they’re visiting your landing page it means that you’ve begun the process of getting exactly that! If they’re on your landing page they’re there because they’re interested in what you’ve got


Where most coaches go wrong is they then fail to do what’s needed - fast - to keep that attention hooked on them and generate the desire needed for the person to take action


What I’m going to share with you here are 5 Simple Immutable Laws & Principles you need to understand and use on your landing pages to increase the time someone spends on your landing page AND increases the conversion rate too


#1. Understand the Human Decision-Making Process

This process only contains three simple steps:

  1. Interest
  2. Desire
  3. Action


The intent of your landing page is to focus on Step 2 and Step 3, as if someone is on it it is safe to say they’re already interested and curious about what it is you do

To do this, your landing page must increase the desire someone has to take the action it is you want them to take. To do this you need to paint a picture for them of how it is they can get the thing they’re interested in 

Show them how simple it is. Show them how fast and effective they can get there. Show them how other people, like them, have done it for them. Show them the challenges they’ll face and how they can overcome them

When you do this, focus on painting pictures that put them in an emotional state of either (a) fear, anxiety, or worry, and (b) awe, excitement, or humor. Why these? Well these emotional states are ones of arousal, meaning people will be emotionally ready to either get out of the negative state or step into the positive


#2. Nail The Above The Fold

The only three things your “above the fold section”, that is your headline, subheadline, and call-to-action should do is explain these three things


  1. What is it?
  2. Who is it for and what’s in it for them?
  3. What do you want me to do now?


If you do all of those things in this first section it is going to pre-frame the person for what is to come, hooking their attention even more if they’re interested or sending them on their way and saving everyone time if they’re not


When you do this, it is vital you keep the next principle in mind


#3. Be Simple, Clear, and Compelling

Great copy is simple, direct, and paints the required picture perfectly. DO NOT try to be cute, complex, or playful with your words as all you will do is create confusion and an inaccurate picture in the reader's mind

Since a confused mind says no EVERY TIME, you’ll want your readers to fully understand everything they’re reading. Sure, you might think that being cute and playful would work, but it doesn’t

Tell them what you mean. Say it like it is. Be impeccable with your word. Use the colors, images, and other aspects of the page to portray your “brand” and let the words be simple, clear, and compelling


#4. Double Call To Action

A lot of coaches leave a lot of leads on the table by only having one call-to-action on their site OR by having too many. The perfect amount is two - one macro action (*something big like “buy now” or “book a call”) and one micro action (*“download something for free” or “watch this video”)

The reason for this is that people will be somewhere on a spectrum of taking action. Some will be primed to and others need a little more time. Having both a macro and micro C2A above the fold lets people make a choice for themselves. If they’re ready to marry you, they’ll take the macro and if they want to go for a drink first, they’ll take the micro

You will only want these two C2As and have the micro-action in the above-the-fold section ONLY. Here’s why...


#5. Direct Call To Action

Remember how a confused mind says no every time? Too many choices bring what is known as “decision bias” into the mix and challenge our love for cognitive efficiency

What this is referring to is that every single MACRO C2A you have should say the exact same thing so that there is no confusion. If they’re “scheduling a call” always say “SCHEDULE A CALL” and not “BOOK A CALL” or “SCHEDULE A SESSION” or, “SCHEDULE YOUR CALL” or even “SCHEDULE A CALL HERE/NOW”

You want consistency. Pick one phrase for your Macro C2A, make it direct, and keep the language consistent across the entirety of the page


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Written by, Nico Maier, Head Copywriter at Freedom Builderz